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It is well known that in Hungary the use of reinforced concrete is used on the basis of family houses and in some cases on the roof. For the concrete to be placed on the reinforced concrete at a sufficient distance from wood, tile, brick has been used so far.

It has been shown that all of these materials lead the water and will not stop the rusting of reinforced concrete, but it also promotes the direct consequence of cracking and destruction of concrete brick.

To avoid this, substances have been found that do not lead to water. These are the concrete and plastic spacers we sell. These spacers can also provide horizontal and vertical concrete screeds in different sizes, with technical specifications in mind.

Compared to the small product, it is of great importance to concrete life expectancy. Worth to count on it, use it. Necessary spending on the total cost of a house. We hope that our brief description will encourage the conscious builders in a positive direction.

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